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On A Fall

Today is November 6th, 1891. Upon waking-up this morning, a Lorel Cassius had a memory of this time from the year before. November 5th is the birthday of a woman named Merriwether Fawkes, and they remember giving her a small British currency coin for it. But why a coin? On the night that they had first met her in person, the man that would later become there belle organised a game of Forfeits. Cassius had put a crown into the Iron Hat and then recited two proverbs (‘If you cannot be good, then be careful.’ & ‘Revenge is the longest journey.’) to have it back. So it is because of this that Cassius gave her a gift that was more tied to a memory than its size & value might suggest.

Lorel had also on the night before sent two telegrams down to London announcing their plan to take a Sunday dirigible down. Sunday dirigibles are often just small, and only for a few passengers. But it would get them back sooner, so Cassius bought their ticket. They had left the city in a rushed manner, and in doing so had missed having any real attendance of a lovely party.--The Lonely Knight’s ornate armour left sitting next to their desk at #27c Ladybones Road. They have travelled many times by dirigible in the past year-or-so, and besides from this vessels size nothing seemed any different than before. Well that and the fact they were travelling with a caged bat, and a bright green lizard.

So an hour later they were simply contemplating what to eat for supper, while looking out the window of the craft; when an explosion from above sounded and shook. A grinding noise as everything lurched forward with metal snapping. Cassius grabbed their two travelling companions as they managed to stand up. From the now open side, false stars could be seen whirling by as wind whipped inside with the dirigible rapidly descending.

The pavonine detective was beyond terrified as they clutched Triton to their chest.

Yet they were also used to bravery, so once buildings grew closer they made a last ditched plan to try and jump. It would be their only chance, and one that could very well not work. Unlocking Saunder’s cage and giving him a kiss on top of his head they let him fly off to his own safety. But lizards cannot soar, so giving yet another kiss they bundled their lizard into their shirt and made to run.

Their travelling boots thudded against the floor as the neared the ripped open cabin. Their heart pounding almost as loud. All around them they could hear the gas escaping and burning. The sounds of shouting. The air sucking-out. And just as they made to jump a small girl came tumbling in front of them. Would the momentum be enough for both? Probably not. But instead of side-stepping her to leave her be, Cassius grabbed her and gave her a shove as those boots left the flooring.

An Innocent.

A Sacrifice.

A Knight.

A Fall.

The young girl rolled onto the flat rooftop as her rescuer went tumbling down.

[I just could not bring myself to write a full death scene. Just this now was so very heartbreaking. And by not including one, there can always be a slim chance that they could of survived.]

Eventually the little brown bat will find someone and try to lead them to near the area. Yet all that will be found is a surprisingly unharmed lizard wearing four rings strung onto his blue collar. Two gold wedding rings, and two well used signet rings.

The crash was not a very large one. The bulk of the dirigible landed in the Unterzee, and what was left to land in London was mostly charred wood & twisted metal. Still it will be in most of the newspapers for the next few coming days. And the fact that an L.S. Cassius was aboard can be traced back to the ticket they bought, and the telegrams from the day before.

[If anyone wishes to find Saunder, and then Triton, they are welcome to do so. Yet I do not feel able to play it out myself.]


A few days later several letters will be sent from a solicitor's office.
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